søndag 16. oktober 2011

Sundays with Santa ~ Week 6

This Santa is made ​​of wood, I bought in Spain for about 7 years ago. I found it in the old shop along the highway at Torremolinos it was in the middle of the summer so it was not to promote but I found it in a box under the shelves in the store.
And now i had this ornament in my christmas tree ☺

And this Santa onament is purchased in Budapest 
in the winter vacation in 2006 

I have bought this Santa in Amsterdam,  
so this is the Sinterklaas.

This stackable Santa - like a Babushka
I bought it when I was in Praguge 4 years ago.

Jeg deltar på "Sundays with Santa" hos   
ta en titt da vel!

7 kommentarer:

Dorothy sa...

How wonderful that your Santa's come from all different parts of the world! They're all very nice and I really like the Sinterklass. He's dressed very nicely. Have a nice Sunday!

Cheryl sa...

Whew! I had to think for a moment where is the comment section. :o) I love all of the Santas you shared! A very nice collection of Santas you have there.

Alexandras jul sa...

ja det är en bra webbläsare=)

fina tomtar!

kram på dig

Lily sa...

Lovely collection :)I love buying decorations from different holidays too, it's so nice to see them come out each year & remind you of the holiday :)

Celestial Charms sa...

Love them all! It is so wonderful that you purchase Santas whenever you travel. Fabulous!

Joy Burkhart sa...

All your Santas are wonderful, but I love Sinterklaas! Have a great week!

KKvinneblogger sa...

Ja, nå er det jammen snart på tide å ta fram nissene igjen :)