tirsdag 15. november 2011

Sundays with Santa ~ week 10

Small plates from Firkløvern
These are bought at flea market

Two plates I got from a friend ♥

These are also present from a friend

Et forsinket innlegg på
ukens Nissebilde
flere innlegg, se på

4 kommentarer:

Amy sa...

What a great collection of plates!

Celestial Charms sa...

Such beautiful plates, all of them!
Thanks for sharing! I missed seeing your posts, and hoped that all was well with you.
Have a wonderful week!

Mandie sa...

I LOVE those plates! So whimsicle and pretty. I love flea markets too!! Great place to find some great treasures.

Hanneles bokparadis sa...

Vi äter ur jultallrikar :)