tirsdag 21. juni 2011

Hva gjør nissen nå i sommer?

Dorpan har et svar her :)
på  ♥Fira jul med Dorpan♥

Håper virkelig han har tid
til en slik ferie

Og nå er det bare
et halvt år igjen til jul.

3 kommentarer:

Dorothy sa...

The time sure does fly by doesn't it! Before you know it Christmas will be here once more! Next month it will be Christmas in July here. Christmas specials for the early bird. On July 25th on QVC...a television shopping show...they will have an all day holiday shopping show starting at midnight and lasting until midnight the following night. I watch it every year, although I try to be good and not order a bunch of things!! I just enjoy seeing all of the Christmas things they have to offer an it's just fun to watch! Have a nice day!!

Dorpan sa...

Vad skoj att du länka det är helt OK =)
Ha en underbar midsommar i väntan på jul.

Natasha sa...

Merry June Christmas to you! I am planning my Christmas in July party at the moment.

Thanks for voting for my flower picture! I appreciate it.

Best wishes,